Annual report 2019

Key figures

A company can only really innovate if it is able to realise its plans. I am proud to say that SCK CEN is such an innovator. The ambitious plans we have made in recent years are becoming a reality step-by-step. This can be seen on the field, but is also reflected in our figures. SCK CEN is growing: more employees, more income. At the same time, innovation is about skilfully balancing between science, organisation and budget management. We want to continue to show our innovative strength without losing grip. More than ever, we count on every employee to make our plans come true and to remain a healthy organisation.


— Kathleen Overmeer (Corporate Services and Administration)

Promoting through networking

In 2006, Flanders had 34,706 full-time workers in the Research and Development (R&D) sector. In 2018, this figure had reached 53,933 workers which is an increase of 55%. Flanders – and by extension Belgium as a whole – is very much focused on research and innovation. “We hold all the cards to create an impact for society with all our potential. Strategically, SCK CEN wants to compete in this regard”, explains Pascal De Langhe, director of Business Development & Support. “We bridge the gap between researchers and various actors on the market: from nuclear energy to the industrial and medical sector, which increasingly needs our attention. To do so, we start a dialogue, we set up networked collaborations, we create consortia and get financial support where necessary. As a knowledge institute, we make sure that the knowledge acquired is protected.”


Revenues have considerably increased in 2019 compared to the previous year (+12%). We have also invested more, hence a 14% increase in expenditure.

Personnel costs / Purchases, services / Provisions / Depreciation /

Turnover / Subsidies from government, grants / Other / Financial income / Extraordinary income /

Budget evaluation

Income (in kEUR)

2018 2019
Turnover 66.256 73.473
Subsidies from government, grants 76.897 76.723
Other 18.745 26.528
Financial income 1.196 1.093
Extraordinary income 156 4.792
Total 163.250 182.609

Charges(in kEUR)

2018 2019
Personnel costs 82.686 90.221
Purchases, services 64.434 78.253
Provisions 5.762 6.138
Depreciation 9.726 11.201
Total 162.608 185.813


SCK CEN is active in 59 countries. Its research activities go from the USA to Australia.

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SCK CEN has hired 97 new collaborators in the past year which is a 12% increase.